As you know, Instagram is a platform where you can post bright photos for subscribers. It’s a great way to keep memories of the amazing moments of your life. A lot of people today are interested in fast tweaking likes in instagram. They want their photos to be rated as many users as possible. There are a number of recommendations that should be followed to get a lot of likes.

Using hashtags

Using hashtags is the easiest way to classify all photos using keywords. If you use hashtags, users will find it easier to find you. Subsequently, this will lead to an increase in the number of likes. The more hashtags, the more photos are viewed. You can rest assured that even the presence of a single hashtag will dramatically increase the number of views. For example, if you photographed your cat, you can add a hashtag #cat, #pet, #babe to the photo. To draw attention to your page, use the most popular hashtags, such as:

  • #holiday;
  • #love;
  • #cute;
  • #me.

Before publishing, you can view all the tags to select the required ones. It should be understood that the use of popular hashtag can lead to the fact that your photos are lost in the ocean of similar ones.

Applying filters

Be sure to use filters for photos. Use various applications to edit images. This will increase the attractiveness of photos for visitors. The most popular filters used today are Valencia, X-Pro II, Earlybird. After processing the photos will look very original.

Choosing the right photo

If you want to get laiky in an instragmentation, the cheating should be literate. It is also important to publish the “right” photos. Often people do not think about choosing photos and post pictures of their favorite food, empty bottles, their cats, etc. If you are interested in huskies, then you should imagine that Instagram is your personal gallery. The pictures that are published should be really interesting. For example, pets in a photo should look unusual and cause surprise or delight.