Use popular # hashtags

In February 2013, Instagram has overcome another milestone in its development – 100 million active users. After Facebook bought Instagram, last year – there was an influx of a large number of new users and this provided such rapid growth.
Instagram very active social network. By the word “active” I mean that every day 40 million new photos appear in the Instagram, 8,500 likes and 1000 comments appear every second.

After reading this statistics, there should be no doubt that Instagram is a very bright and lively community and thus Instagram can be used to build and advertise your brand or business.

But for your advertising in Instagram to be more interesting and bringing results, I recommend to implement these methods to promote your account in Instagram and get many subscribers and likes in Instagram.

Link your Facebook and Instagram accounts

Despite all the simplicity and obviousness of this step – this will bring good results. When you publish photos in the Instagram – they will automatically appear in your Facebook feed. Thus, friends from Facebook will become your subscribers to Instagram. And of course you will get more likes.

When you connect accounts, all your photos automatically will not be published on Facebook – for each particular photo you can specify: publish it to Facebook or not. It’s comfortable.

Use popular # hashtags

Hashtags is a very large component of Instagrams and their use can give very good results in the distribution of your photos. Even if you only have a few followers using the hashtag, you can get a lot of likes.

And besides, the more you take photos with different hashtags, the more they will get more distribution.

Below I quote the TOP 10 tags that are used in the Instagrams at the time of this writing.

  1. #love 83,844,637 photos
  2. #instagood 45,004,493 photos
  3. #me 42,553,459 photos
  4. #cute 38,063,081 photos
  5. #tbt 34,979,189 photos
  6. #photooftheday 32,612,986 photos
  7. #follow 30,964,916 photos
  8. #beautiful 28,908,606 photos
  9. #girl 27,422,944 photos
  10. #happy 27,375,345 photos

If you want to learn more popular hashtag – this can be done here: TOP 100 tags in Instagram.

Use popular filters in Instagram

When I first saw this statistics, I was a little surprised – is this really the case, I thought. It seemed to me that the use of a filter is not so important, but the infographics that are given below gives a slightly different opinion.

In fact, it’s just interesting to read about the description of the person who uses different filters. Unfortunately, infographics are only available in English, so who owns it – you will be interested in it. But in general, the language is very simple, and in general the picture is informative, so you can just intuitively understand.

Follow other Instagram users

Reciprocity is a very strong driving force for social networks. And Instagram is no exception. Thus, if you follow new people, they will follow you in return. In the end, you will recruit new readers.

Put a lot of likes under different photos

Very often, after you put someone like that, this person will follow you. The instagram is arranged in such a way that when you put a name, the user receives a notification and can quickly see who put it to him. And if he went to your page, he will most likely become your subscriber.

When I add new photos and add to them many different # hashtags, I get notified that my photos get a lot of likes, from people who have a lot of readers, but they themselves are subscribed to several.

I think this is due to the fact that these users are constantly hugging so many other photos and are hoping that they will be followed by them, as well as to keep their photos. And judged by statistics, so it happens.

Video guide with Instagram tips

I wanted to find a quality and interesting video about Instagram in Russian. But he did not find any. Therefore here I quote a very interesting and practical video in English.

In the video you will find many useful tips how to promote your account in Instagram and get a lot of followers and likes.

The video is very visual, so even if you do not know much about English, everything will be very clear.

Keep the quality of photos at a height, and do not publish everything in a row

If you constantly publish photos of what you eat and other not very interesting moments of life, then do not expect that such photos will collect a lot of likes, and you will receive many readers. Even if you use a lot of hashtags, it still will not bring results.

When you publish a lot of the same type of photos – you just annoy your readers. And then you can expect only one effect – they will unsubscribe.

On the contrary, one must try to make each photo unique and creative, and also make a significant pause between the publication of photographs, so as not to irritate the followers.

Combine several images in one and use special frames

If you take photos from Apple’s gadgets, then your choice is a huge number of different applications to combine several photos into one.

Best of all, pay a few dollars and get a good application, not limited in functionality. For example, PicFrame.

And for those who have Android – there is a very good application InstaPicFrame. It’s free.

A quick way to get a lot of subscribers in Instagram

As usual, the fastest way to get a large number of followers / subscribers is to buy them.

I do not want to recommend any specific service or person, as I myself have not bought and can not appreciate the quality. But I want to tell you that attention should be paid to the quality of subscribers.

On the other hand, if you just want a large number of followers, you can buy bots at a very low price. This way your account will just look more authoritative.