How to get a lot of likes in the instagram for your content – photos, videos, carousels. To fix this, it is possible in the following way, the first to work on the quality of content and the growth of the audience of the account, three times to wind a lot of likes and the third, to buy an automatic subscription for huskies in instagram.

Maintenance platforms or how many like in the instagram to get

Formats of sites for wrapping, very similar to each other, different can be the price, for a certain number of likes. To the most interesting and optimal options, you can subscribe to the likes, and we will also check. The method that will not be described is mass-mailing, but you can try it yourself. The mechanics of getting likes with mass following is simple and has both an automatic option and a manual one. The bottom line is that you go from your account and you like, users of instagrams, by tags, geolocation or just like that, all accounts in a row. Users, as a rule, are reciprocated, so you get the likes, but not much. As for such actions, and they can be regarded as spam, there are limits and restrictions. The remaining methods, obtaining any number of likes, we describe, below.

Scoring a lot of likes in instagram

Wrapping is a simpler method, getting a lot of likes in instagram, as well as in any other social network. Formed an application for the right number of likes and received them without any registration and downloads, third-party programs. We will look at the most popular sites and exchanges that offer services, for tweaking the likes of the social network and the instagram application.

Hypelike – Likes in the instagram, at very different prices. fast from 13 rubles, slow even cheaper. All forms, have prices for 100 likes, more than 300, 400, 500 and so on, is given when placing an order, in the product card. The site is made in the form of an online store, with different sections and cards of goods, in our case the likes. Payment through rostokassu, you can place an order, online without registration.

Markapon – likes and subscribers in instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube. Optimal prices there are several offers in the percentage discount section. The site contains a description, a guide (instruction) for payment, all forms have two directions, likes and subscribers. Depending on what link you specify, if it is a link to your profile, then you will wind up subscribers, if the link to the photo, it means that they will be Likes. Additional information or a request for an order can be specified in the comment field.

On the pages with services, added a rating and open comments, where you can ask the administrator questions and, of course, read reviews and questions from other people.

Subscription to the likes of new photos – a link from the same site on which the service is presented, by automatically winding likes – this, a certain number of marks like the selected number of photos.

More details; For example, on the page with the service, different forms are presented. This can be a completely different number of both likes and photos. Package – 150 likes for 10 photos, means that you will get 150 marks to like, to each new photo and so ten times (to ten newly published pictures, your account). The same with a package of 500 likes for 30 photos, each photo that you will publish in the instagram will receive 500 likes.

If you publish, in a month not more than 30 pictures, then this is a convenient service that allows you to forget about what you need, you need to wind your likes to new photos.


– service only for instagram, online scoring without registration, but with the ability to see the status of the order. Laiki in instagram, presented from 100 pcs. Chm more order, the lower the cost.

Winlike – the service of cheating likes, subscribers, marks I like for pennies. On the site, added a description, answers for visitors in the form of sliding spoilers. To compare prices, you can see the section – checking hounds. Where are represented different forms, only on Likes.

Sites where you can wind up a lot of likes – registration

Likemania – simple and convenient interface, accurate calculation of the cost, through the calculator. You need to register, after which you can recharge your balance in the cabinet and pay for the likes. Wrapping is implemented in all social networks, for instagram added 4 services. This is a subscription of subscribers, likes, views in the instagram and an automatic subscription to the likes.

Lots of likes

Increase the rating of a photo or video in instagrama, like you can. In this case, you can carry out a wrap-up as one time, and buy a subscription to automatic huskies. To buy a subscription for automatically appearing likes, you can both to new (unpublished photos) and to old photos of your account in the instagram. Subscription, as you could already understand, can be bought for a certain number of likes. From 150 marks I like on 10 photos, up to 500 likes in 30 photos.