How to get more likes and followers in Instagram?

Laiki and other “stroking the ego” in social networks make us happier. Do not reject it, it is already proved by scientists. So in the season of general vitamin deficiency and stress, you can try to cheer yourself up – and a little self-esteem – in a simple way: attract more subscribers to your favorite Instagram. And what is required for this, we will now tell.

All these tips are not taken from the ceiling: they are confirmed by some of the most famous “stars” of Instagram and many photographers, so they can be safely believed. You, of course, will have to work a little on your pictures – just to come to the park and take pictures of the Early bird filter, as it turned out, is not enough. But you can be calm: there is nothing impossible.

Tip number 1. Stick to the topic!

The truly successful Instagram accounts with millions of subscribers almost always have some kind of own theme: the designer can upload photos from the backstage of fashion shows; a successful cook-decorator – pictures of those miracles that he makes from rice and beans; in the traveler’s account you will find photos from Paris, Portugal and Peru; there are simply very creative accounts, and of course, a lot of “personal pages” of seals and dogs.

Here, for example, Tuna – a small chihuahua with a wrong bite – a real star. She has 850,000 subscribers, and her hostess, Dasher (@tunameltsmyheart) even has to travel with her on tour to meet the fans. Dasher every day uploads photos of Tyuna, while combining the old-good “Tyuna sleeping” or “Tyuna and her teeth” with more interesting and artistic photos, periodically interspersing fan art. This account is an excellent example of a well-designed topic and a timetable. Which, in fact, brings us to the next point.

Tip number 2. All on schedule.

It is very important to let your subscribers know when to wait for your new masterpiece. If you decide to post photos once a day, let it be once a day. The audience quickly gets used to a certain rhythm. You can not buy loyal subscribers and admirers, if you post photos once a week (especially if there are a lot of them at once), and then disappear for a couple of weeks.

In addition, it is desirable to take into account the time of greatest interest of readers throughout the day. For example, you can upload new photos during the day on weekdays, when most people are bored at work. But at six in the morning it’s better not to post anything – few people are ready to sit on the Internet so early.

Another good time is after supper. After work and satisfying food, many of us climb into social networks to relax and do not clog anything.

And, of course, all the holidays – Halloween, New Year, May Day – like the instagrammers. Everyone likes to see, and how to celebrate this or that event all the rest.

However, do not get carried away and throw in dozens of photos a day – you risk annoying subscribers already on the fifth.

Tip number 3. Do not be boring.

If people want to see in your account your dearest frowning kitten, maybe you should not show them your morning soy latte. However, giving people what they want does not mean posting the same (or very similar to each other) photos of sunsets or city landscapes one after another.

The most terrible thing is to look at your own profile and get bored. Even if it’s clear which photo will collect more likes, do not chase it: it’s much more important to show subscribers something that you want to share. And if you shoot symmetrical city buildings, this does not mean that you should not like to take pictures of landscapes or portraits.

The audience needs diversity.

Tip number 4. Interesting hashtags.

It is through hashtags that your photo will be seen by unfamiliar instablers, but not all hashtags are equally useful – and not everyone will attract people to come to your page again. Experts tend to refrain from simple tags – like # a cat or # love, because your photo can just get lost among millions of the same. Instead, think of one of your own interesting tags that fit your theme or apply to a particular project. And then it will be your personal tag, by which you will be recognized. An excellent example is the hashtags of Nicky Belotserkovsky, which you can now see even outside the Internet – on T-shirts from Jeanne B. As you can see, tags with a sense of humor literally bring excellent results.

There is, incidentally, a secret tag – #nofilter or #filter. It is proved that photos with this tag get 10% more likes than all the others, even if in fact the filter has definitely been applied. So does human psychology!

And never – do you hear? never! – do not use the #drunk tag – studies have shown that it can reduce the number of likes by as much as 40%!

Tip number 5. Everything is good in moderation.

Tags are, of course, a great way to attract new subscribers, but they should be interesting and related to the photo directly. The surplus of hashtags raises suspicions: either the account owner is a robot, or this person lacks just the likes of tears, and he really wants to recruit more subscribers. In addition, many tags create an unpleasant eye ripple.

By the way, the optimal number is a “magic number” 7. And if you want to know which tags are in the certain category the most popular, welcome to

Tip number 6. Communicate with the audience.

Even if you are not a slave to the all-powerful “Likes”, it is better to answer your subscribers. Try to respond to comments, even if they are in another language. Let subscribers know that you appreciate them!

Tip number 7. Take good photos.

The fact that the accounts of professional photographers are very popular, there is nothing surprising: these people know how to achieve beautiful shots. And you need to shoot on your mobile phone just as neatly, as on an expensive SLR camera.

However, to create quality content, a professional is absolutely unnecessary. Good pictures are often made intuitively. The object in focus? Colors are well combined and at the same time contrast with each other? Are there interesting angles? Is there something in the photo that people would like to see? Then everything is in order.

And for those who want to learn the basics of photography and the elementary rules for building a cool picture, there are a lot of interesting articles on the Internet.

Tip number 8. Process photos.

Do not limit yourself to those filters that Instagram offers – for giving the pictures an additional charm there is a mass of third-party programs, both paid and free: these are, for example, VSCO CAM, Snapseed, Fotor and Afterlight.

Tip number 9. Let them talk about you!

No good account exists in a vacuum. Most of the famous instructors somehow “lit up” in other places: on the Explore page, in other accounts or, if they are very lucky, even in the “List of proposed users.”

Well, someone was lucky enough to have a personal acquaintance with people working in Instagram, but if you do not have such friends, do not be sad – there is a chance. Maybe it’s your video with a funny pet that will acquire a “viral” status and will fly around the Internet, as it was with the dog Tyunya. Or maybe an interesting hashtag will lead to you the owner of a certain account, which will re-post your photo in your popular photoblog.

The main thing to be interesting!

Tip number 10. More quality selfies.

Strange as it may seem, selfies collect 38% more likes than other photos. However, here, too, you need to find interesting options. It is your face, even if it is not absolutely perfect, can acquire the same “viral” status and make you popular. There are even a few rules for this.

Firstly, there are “correct” colors that are relevant not only for Selfie, but also for other photographs. Snapshots in cold colors – for example, with an abundance of blue or green, and shots with beige shades collect much more likes, than photos in warm tones – whether it’s red, yellow or pink.

Secondly, as we have already said, the #nofilter tag is the best of its kind, even if in fact it is not. Also very popular are the high contrast filters Toaster, Mayfair, Sutro and Hefe.

Third, you can use “cheat” hashtags – for example, #follow, #followforfollow and #likeforlike. It’s sad, but such an open call to put a desired kid or subscribe, works, increasing the number of likes by about 5%.

Fourth, choose the right camera angle and lighting. Go outside! It is there that you can catch a soft light – especially in the morning or evening. And if you are a friend, ask him to sit down and choose an interesting angle for shooting. The photo made from below, will lengthen legs and will allow to look more harmoniously and effectively.

May the husks come with you! But seriously, let your self-esteem does not depend on the number of admirers in social networks, and their availability will be only an additional bonus to a truly busy life.