Instagram is a great way to share vivid memories with your friends, family and subscribers. Learn several rules, following which you will be able to make your profile in a social network significantly more interesting.

Why is the picture of an incredible sunset collecting only 13 likes, and a snapshot with a cat – all 200 and even more? We suggest to learn in more detail the main secrets how to gain a lot of likes in a popular social network.

Become a “liker” If you are a beginner, you need to be especially generous with the likes. Did your photo like any stranger / stranger? Do not be lazy to go into his / her profile and thank the heart. Do not be afraid to act as an initiator either – to like or comment on the favorite photos – you can expect a pleasant feedback. Correctly choose hashtags Advanced users advise to use short, understandable and popular hashtags, like #instafood, #travel, #fashion. Complex constructions of words can look more amusing and “speaking”, but for beginners of Instagrams this option does not exactly fit. Post photos in the morning or in the evening If your real life at three o’clock in the morning is just beginning, you should be disappointed – at this time most people prefer to sleep than to study Instagram. No less “dead” is lunch time. Experts advise to share their photos with the world in the morning or evening, when the activity of users is the highest.

Use bright filters Bright images with a juicy palette are more likely to attract attention than muted and dark photos. A large stream of pictures in the tape does not allow people to spend a lot of time studying one photo, so they prefer the option that catches your eye and stands out from the mass. Choose the best photos We know that all 100 selfies are worthy of decorating your account, but the monotony quickly tires. Each subsequent snapshot in the same subject will collect less and less likes, and if you pursue the goal of being in the top, you should be more reserved.